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Hire a Luxury Bus for Rent anywhere in Delhi NCR

Whether you are going for a weekend getaway with a big group of friends or it is a family wedding that is beckoning you to a location outside of the city, give us the opportunity to transport you and your merry party to your destination! We have years of experience in the transport industry and understand it inside out. Over the years, we have developed invaluable knowledge of what passengers need when taking a road trip by bus. We are aware of almost every minor and major hitch that can make a trip a less than perfect experience, and therefore design our services very thoughtfully to give you one flawless trip after another.

In-house Fleet of Vehicles and Drivers

We, at Nitu Travels, are devoted to providing unexceptionable service to each one of our customers. We want you to completely forget about the logistics and focus only on entertaining yourself and your group while you travel. For this reason, we maintain a highly efficient fleet of vehicles and drivers in-house. Being the owners of the vehicles, we are able to maintain strict quality standards for all our buses - we take even the smallest of maintenance chores very seriously and ensure that your bus reaches you clean and nice.

Choose Your Vehicle from a Wide Range

Our obsession with being the best bus hire service in Delhi NCR leads us into keeping only the very best of vehicles on our fleet. We have air-conditioned buses and mini-buses with plush seating that keeps your road trip delightfully comfortable. When you hire a bus from Nitu Travels, you arrive at your destination fresh and energetic. The vehicles include Volvo buses, semi-volvo buses and various other segments in addition. Our full-size buses can seat up to 45 passengers. Let us know your requirements and we will recommend the right vehicle for you.

Highly Trained and Reliable Drivers

We understand how important it is for you to make sure your family is safe and sound while they travel. When you book through us, your concerns become our concerns. Therefore, we handpick all our drivers in order to on-board only the most reliable ones to our fleet. They strictly follow traffic rules, keep speed well under control and take responsibility of safely transporting you to your destination. None of our drivers works beyond their regulated shift, and are always well rested before they start a trip. Therefore, even if you are taking a nighttime journey, you can count on their vigilanceduring the drive. Besides having excellent road sense, our drivers are highly personable individuals so you will not feel awkward interacting with them at any point.

We are there to help You during Your Trip

In the rare case that there is some dispute or misunderstanding over anything, you can directly give us a call at our office and we will resolve your issue to our best ability. None of your concerns is too trivial for us - give us a phone call at any point of the journey and we will be there to guide.

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